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We (Midhaven Games) just decided on a name for our text-heavy RPG!

The name is a play on "eschaton", chosen for the post-apocalyptic setting. The storyline centers on an operative from a knowledge hoarding survivor group, so it's fitting that they would use an intellectual sounding term for their home.

It's a turn-based roleplaying videogame, with stats and equipping and such, but mostly conveyed through prose. I find it most similar to old school gamebooks, like Fighting Fantasy.

We uploaded a prototype version (builds for both Windows and Mac) so you can try it out. This prototype doesn't have the main story but does have all the side snippets, so you can get a feel for the writing in this game. Similarly, almost all the items and enemies are in place (their stats and functionality that is; very few have sprites) so now we're testing balance.

The writing and systems are pretty far along but the graphics need a lot of love. We are thinking of doing a Kickstarter to commission some art, so check back for info on that!


eschatown-prototype-mac.zip 23 MB
eschatown-prototype-win.zip 22 MB

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